The Way of the Cyber Warrior

Investigations into the transient fluctuations of reality in the cybersphere

Cyberwarfare is upon us. Every time you open an app, every time you type in keywords in those small digital “pandora boxes” of wisdom that search the whole internet, every time you get an email, every time you download content from the internet, you are unknowingly exposing yourself to a battle of forces beyond your control.

These forces strive to capture your attention, whether to distract you like magicians with one hand, whilst enacting their real intentions with the other, whether to influence your subconscious, slowly injecting ads into your neurons, surreptitiously playing into your biases, whether to simply use you as a vessel to carry a deadly virus that can wipe out an entire network.

These forces are out there, whether you like it or not, but you cannot always see nor feel their invisible hand persistently pushing you in different directions. Sometimes they will manifest in the shape of companies or your preferred product platform, some times in the shape of lone wolves, sometimes they appear in the form of state-sponsored hacking groups. But like I said, they are not always easy to observe, despite some of them working as true masters of disguise, others are laud, big and dumb and desperately want to be seen. But why is it so hard for us to reveal their influence in our lives, why do we keep falling into their traps? oh! we cannot see them because they have become part of our landscape. Like a tree, or a house, or a building or a bird, they have become our digital landscape. They are ingrained in our patterns of thinking. Over time, their origin and intentions become as intangible as bias itself.

We swim in this digital ocean willingly, or so we think, we are a drop in this ocean, the space is full of drops like us and we make up the ocean. But the whole is greater than the mere sum of its parts, right? For how could it be “whole” otherwise? For how could there be parts that are identified as parts of something else if it is not due to some mysterious interconnectedness they seem to display?

Whether you are prepared for them or not, these forces are out there, and some have a direct intent to harm you: steal your personal data, impersonate you in front of different authorities, obtain your credit card numbers and bank accounts, use your hardware to mine cryptocurrency, hold your data to ransom, threaten your privacy and that of your family and loved ones.

These forces apply to everyone, not just cyber security practitioners. There is, however, this established truth that only trained cyber security pros can “see” and “fight the matrix”, that they are the only ones with the weaponry and battle-tested wisdom that allows them to partake in this digital cyberwar. I am here to change that misconception. I would like this book to empower not only the security pros but also the minorities, and those that are not digitally savvy.

The Way of the Cyber Warrior is a difficult one. But we can all walk this path. You do not need fancy tools and advanced weaponry. You do not need commercial solutions and magical technology. You need to develop a new consciousness, a new way of thinking, doing and being. You need determination, discipline, and enthusiasm. You need to be driven. You need to awake your internal shaman. There are distinct levels of understanding as a Cyber Warrior. The way awaits you.


The idea for the book was born out of the necessity to organize my own knowledge and help disseminate practical approaches, concepts and techniques to the community. This is my journey into the vast ocean of what I call the cybersphere, a new world that is slowly emerging as an intersection of the Internet of Things, blockchain, distributed finance, cyber biomes, ecological thinking and the awakening of a new conciousness, adapted for a complex world.

What’s the book about?

A live book about Incident Response, Threat Hunting and Cyber Security Operations.


This is a live book, which means it will be under continuous development until it reaches a critical mass of information that can be regarded as a “complete book”. This approach is meant to allow me to share my knowledge as it evolves, instead of having to wait for 2 years until a “fully fledged” book is out. This method also allows for content reformulation based on community feedback and contributions.


Diego Perez
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